ive had 2 losses due to cervical incompetence

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Hi all im new to this site i just wanted to share my experience with the losses ive encounted. Well im 21 at current and im married to an amazing supportive man. We fall pregnant in 2010( first pregnancy) and all was well till about 26weeks, ive had spotting from 6weeks till about 24 weeks but was told not to be alarmed as that may happen in some pregnancies well anyway i went into labour on the 28th Sept( so heartbreaking) and my beautiful daughter was born @ 05:50am that morning:(... okay so 2 years go by and ive accepted what happened so we decided to try again and then 4months later i fell pregnant. Then from about 14weeks i started discharging this mucous( my body was telling me something but i ignored the signs) then @ 20weeks i felt this pressure like baby was kicking my cervix and then i had another episode of mucous discharge(TMI SORRY) I decided to go for a routine ultrasound and to my surprise i was told that i was 6cm dilated! i was so shocked and i kept asking God to keep this baby safe it was like reliving what happened the 1st time. I was told that i would be admitted and that id have to give birth to my 281g baby girl. Same sex of the first and to top it all of they both were breech. this happened 3weeks ago. i was told that i have and incompetent cervix. But i had no bleeding and the waters broke at the time of delivery. So is this incompetence?


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It is cervical incompetence. I'm surprised that they weren't on high alert with your second. I have to take progesterone to stay pregnant until about 14-18 weeks. I've lost 2 pregnancies and have had 2 successful ones. I would suggest finding a new doctor. The doctor should have been running more tests with your history.

In my case I have to get a blood test weekly from 4 weeks (so the second I find out) until about 14-18 weeks when I stop taking the progesterone. Even then I get 2 more ultra sounds after the typical 20 week ultrasound.

It doesn't mean it is over. There are things they can do to help get you and your baby far enough along to survive.

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