Ive never felt like a mother.

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I'm a 22 year old single mom my son is 3 years old Almost 4. I have never wanted kids, when I found out I was pregnant I didn't know what to do, I did not want to keep it but my sons father begged me too. So I reluctantly agreed to it. I love my son more than anything I really do I care for him and provide for him in all the ways I need to. Of course his father up and left me and was in and out of his life I resent him so much for this. From the day he was born i be been trying to feel this connection with my son that I think I should feel. But I just do not. again I'll say it I love him like crazy I would never hurt or neglect him. But I have been severely depressed over the last couple years keeping quiet about how I truly feel about being a mom. Today I told my mom how I felt about it & to my surprise she was completey supportive and offered to take him. My son and my mom have a great relationship he's really attached to her and the rest of my family. We moved from up north where we had been living for 17 years now were living in florida and its made me fall into an even deeper depression. I'm planning to go back up north & leaving him here. But I Dont think his father will sign over rights, he has not really been in my sons life and is currently about to have another baby. I know he was rights as a dad but he's never been there so I was wondering if that can have any affect on this whole situation. I do love my son but I feel some people are just not meant to be mothers an I am one of them. I'm not leaving my son with strangers or anything I'm leaving him with family who can provide something I just can't. I really would like peoples thoughts on this. I'm not an evil or mean person I just want to give my son a life I can't. Thanks.


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You should do whatever is best for the child. If you think that leaving your child with your mother is best, then you should do that. But realize that you criticizing the child's father's actions, you will be doing the same thing. Your mother sounds like an incredible person/mom and let her deal with custody issues and the child's father. I however, believe that you should of sought counseling a long time ago. Whatever decision you make, you better be able to live with the results. Good Luck.

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