IVF Vs tubal ligation

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Hi I am glad to be part of Circle Moms, what advice do you give a 42 year mom, with 3 kids but looking towards a possibility of having another daughter via IVF(recent failed first attempt)- after tubal ligation? Your ideas will be highly appreciated. Thanks


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Well, IVF often fails. I really don't think that has anything to due with the tubal ligation. Getting the tubal reversed is very expensive, and often fails also. To me, it would not be worth it. I have known many people that the IVF did not take the first couple of times. A friend of mine just had a baby, it was her 3rd and last attempt at IVF. I guess the real question is, will you be ok if it does not work?

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It really depends on your family situation and what you're able to handle. Unfortunelty, the odds are against you with advanced maternal age putting you in the highest risk category as well as increasing the chances of further failed attempts.

You made the decison to undergo a procedure that would be permanent, and I am sure you didn't make that choice lightly. I would ask yourself if your past self needs to be the voice of reason.

At one time you knew you were done having children, and it might be best to trust your decision.

There are so many children who have been thrown away by their families, why not look into fostering/adopting? You could completely change the life of a child who has already been born and is in need of help.

Just food for thought. But, by all means, if you have the money and are willing to take the risk (the odds are more likely than not that the next attempt will also fail), and are OK with the possibility of bed-rest, or a baby who isn't "perfect", that is a choice that you are certainly free to make.

Just noticed this post is several years old, but perhaps my reply will help others who read this thread. :)

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Hi I know this is an old post but I am wondering did you do IVF? Or have your ligation reversed? I am 43 and going for a consult on ligation reversal whenever they can book me in. IVF just seems so risky esp at my age. As for Donar Egg that is even more $$ and there is no guarantee. The reversal is only 3200 and I am taking DHEA, COQ10 and Fertile Pro. Hoping it helps!!!

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