January 26,2015 is a day that my whole life changed as I knew and one I will never forget..

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I am new to the diabetic world. My grandchild was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. She is age nine and the absolute joy of my life. We are taking on this journey together and I could use all the advice and tips I can get to understand how this works. To say I am beyond petrified is putting it mildly, but I know we can do this. Her sugar level at bedtime was 93. I have to check it at 2 AM. I am afraid it will be low. Is it wise or allowed to give her something before she goes to bed to bring it up?. Does it harm her in the long run?


Sarah - posted on 02/09/2015




I low blood sugar at night is one of the greatest risks for a new juvenile diabetic. 93 is a safe sugar depending on how much insulin she has taken, when she took it and what type of insulin she uses. Also, did she eat a bedtime snack? How log ago was she diagnosed. Have you looked into an appliance like a Dexcom sensor? This is a device implanted in the abdomen, and it monitors trends in glucose levels. It is not a pump, nor does it replace finger sticks. What it would do, is tell you that at bedtime when her sugar was 93, was she trending steady, trending upwards or trending downwards. It can be set to alarm via Bluetooth on a cell phone. So if she were to start to fall to dangerously low sugars, it will wake you up to check her and feed her.

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