Jealous Much???

Kirsten - posted on 07/08/2015 ( 7 moms have responded )




I am the only married one out of the young moms I know. I swear every weekend they are off doing this or that with boyfriend or friends while someone watches baby. I know a little bit of it comes from jealousy because I haven't even pooped alone in a year let alone go out without a kid hanging from my tit, but it is super annoying to me the frequency at which these girls ditch their kids to party! it makes young moms look irresponsible. anyone else see this trend near you?


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Jessica - posted on 07/11/2015




Hunny I'm 36 and a single mom of 2. I still get no alone time. I still get no me time. Not one single chance to ever meet a man. Every time I go to get a bath it never fails my daughter comes in the bathroom to poop. lol Yet, all my friends on facebook post pictures about going out and going on vacation and so fourth. I just sit here looking at there posts and pictures like how?

Candie - posted on 07/09/2015




I understand what you're saying. It can feel like some people don't change their priorities when children come into the picture. That may be a sign that they weren't ready to have a child? It's hard to say without knowing the whole story.

You should definitely make a point of getting out every now and then. You need alone time and you need special nights out w/ DH.

I know it can be difficult, but try to avoid comparing yourself to others. We each have our own path and it's easy to focus on what we see others doing. What we don't see is their struggles; those usually take place behind closed doors. Try to enjoy what you have, be grateful, and love that family of yours! Remember that YOU are blessed!

~Candie~ with an -IE

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 07/09/2015




Its a difference in parenting styles. As long as the children are being cared for in a safe environment, then this isn't an issue.
Did I, as a young parent, party every weekend? Nope, but that was my choice. When my husband and I made the choice to have children, we also made the choice to discontinue the going out every weekend, drinking often, etc.
Do I think that, sometimes, young ladies have their priorities skewed? Yes, I most certainly do, but those are the ones who aren't caring for their children to begin with, leaving them with grandparents or others all the time so that they don't have to change at all. Do THOSE young ladies give all young moms a bad image? Not if one is paying attention to the other young moms. There are plenty more young moms out there who ARE responsible. Don't let yourself get down over your choices for your family!

Gena - posted on 07/09/2015




Well i am a young married mother,but my hubby and i do take time just for us every now and then. We don't go partying though,but a nice dinner together or so. I find it important to have that "us" time...married or not.

MaryAnn - posted on 07/09/2015




One thing ive noticed about married young mamas is that they often have this mentality where they need to have everything under control... they need to do it, just hubby and me. Im one of them.
Its easier to not ask for a hand, and often it leads to jealousy and forgetting that we *are* full people regardless of our parenthood status.
If youre feeling jealous, ask a friend or your parents, his, a responsible younger babysitter you know... it can improve your relationship with your family, your community, your husband, and most importantly yourself. It doesnt have to be a long time... even an hour to get some alone time in the grocery aisles can help.
If your child is with a trusted adult who cares for them, there is nothing irresponsible about taking care of your own needs. Its actually a *good* thing.

Jodi - posted on 07/09/2015




As long as the children are with someone safe, and in a secure environment, are happy and healthy......I don't see the issue. I wouldn't say it is irresponsible. It would be irresponsible if they were dumping them on someone who wasn't taking care of them or was unwilling to. If they have family who are willing to help them out, I don't think anyone should be judging them. My parents would love to live close enough to have my kids over frequently (and that would give me lots of time to go out with friends if I chose to, and I possibly would), but unfortunately, they live a day's drive from here. Does that make me an irresponsible young mum, saying I would do that to if I had the opportunity? Think again....I'm 45. Yes, I think you are jealous and finding a way to judge them.

Celia - posted on 07/08/2015




yes, nice topic. Well im also a mom and im 23, im not married but i live with my boyfriend and my daughter is almost 9 months old. I have my friend who has her 5 year old son and she goes out with her friends and leaves her son with her mom. it gets me so upset because shes a mom, she should be staying with her son and not be going out with her friends. I can't stand to see people do that to their kids. The moment I found out i was pregnant, I knew what I was going to get myself into. As of now, yes I do think about going out and being with my friends but I also realize that that life isn't for me anymore. I just go to work and come home being with my daughter. i believe thats the life of a mom.

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