JEALOUS OF HIS BROTHER. Hi all i really would like some advice. My first child is 5 and my second is nearly 1. We waited till his 4th bday as i found being a parent very hard and challenging.I wnated tyo give him the best yrs i could wihout him sharing his attention with another child. My 2nd son was born 3 wks before my eldest starting school so i feel it was hard fore him to have a new brother and the big move from preschool to school. I ahve found over the last yr a completre change in him. He is very well behaved at school and for the grandparents but for us he is totally different. He has always been hard work but since his brother came along he can be quite cruel and nasty with him and i don't know how to overcome this. I thought they would be best friends and im shocked thats thats not the case, I wont to get them to bond and be brothersbut my eldesyt just isn't interested being with him and seems to lve annoying him when he is happy playing with something. I feel i have lost a son and gained another one he is not the same he has changed so much in a yr and i don't know what to do.I find when having,them both together very difficult as my eldest is loud and wnats to be out all day its hard entertaning a 5 yr old and a nearly 1 yr old.


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AMANDA - posted on 07/23/2012




Thanks Michelle i never looked at like that before, but you are right. Thanks for the reply

Michelle - posted on 07/22/2012




Your son is angry his little brother has taken over his role as the baby in the family, he had you all to himself for 4 years then this baby came along and he gets shipped off to school. I know it was coincidental but that is how he is seeing things so of course he doesn't like the kid he is feeling replaced and resentful. It is a phase and he will get over it as soon as your little one is old enough to actually play with.

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