Jealous Toddlers and Tantrums?

Ana - posted on 08/31/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




My son is almost 3 here in 3 months, and we have his cousin that comes by 2x a month for like 2 days, and he throws the biggest fits in the world. Today we went shoe shopping so me and my fiance and the kids went to the store and he started screaming hollering crying, hanging his neck on the side of the cart it was like he transformed into a mini demon. I love my son dearly but I dont know what to do anymore at home he throws toys he turns into a hellion when he doesnt get his way which is almost never, but he hasnt calmed down on the tantrums either. He gets time out. He gets corner time, His toys were taken away, no more movies, One time his temper got really bad and started throwing things at the glass entertainment center so he had a super quick cold shower to cool him off. Any ideas?

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