jobs for stay at home moms......please advise!

Christina - posted on 10/18/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am desprately trying to find a job that I can make money from home while watching my two year old. I dont and wont pay to do something as some of these require. I dont know whats legite and whats not as I have been through alot of sites trying to research this. Ive worked my whole life except for the past. five years as I have been a stay at home mom. I was in HR/Recruiting for 8 years prior and I have a bachelors degree in Business.My husband does work but we can barely make ends meet and going thru some rough financial times.I would really appreciate any ideas or to be hired by someone. Ive spent hours and hours going thru things out there that i dont think are legit and would really like to sift thru all that and have some guidance. I know we all need support and help out there as moms and worry about our financial present and futures.......I would just like to make a difference to my family and someone elses! Can someone help?
thank you,
Christina. from St.Louis


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Most work at home jobs that claim you don't have to pay to start are scams. Most of the ones that require you to pay for some kit, or to pay for information on how to do them, are also scams.

Most legit work at home jobs are home based businesses. They DO require start up capital, but you should never pay for information. Decide what you want to do and build a business around it. That said, building a business from scratch requires far more time and commitment than you will be able to put forth toward it while simultaneously watching a 2 year old. It would be better to hire childcare until you have the business built to a point where you can manage it while she is in school or whatever...most businesses in the US take an average of 3 years to become profitable, but the IRS will allow you to claim a non profitable business for up to 5 years before they call you out on it.

You can check the Work at Home board, but solicitations are not allowed on this one, so you aren't going to get much usable info other than what I shared.

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