Johnson & Johnson baby products containing toxins

Geralyn - posted on 05/28/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




Within the last several days here in the US, there has been discussion about Johnson & Johnson baby products containing toxins. However, that information has been known for at least 3 years.

Johnson & Johnson baby's products have been found to contain formaldehyde and 1,4-Dioxane. While J & J has changed their products' ingredients in other countries who banned the sale of these ingredients in products, the US allows for small amounts of these ingredients.. J & J has refused to remove these ingredients in this country (although clearly they can make the product without them) because the amounts are at or fall under the legal miminum.

For those of us living in countries, including the US where these toxins are allowed, my suggestion is DO NOT USE JOHNSON & JOHNSON products until they remove these toxins. If their sales drop, they will have incentive to offer all families toxin-free products.

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Louise - posted on 02/21/2011




I found this out about 6 months ago on this site as it is not widely known in England. I stopped using it from that day on. Really shocking that the government allows this to be sold knowing it is for children.

Natasha - posted on 02/20/2011




i highly agree. sadly i just found out about this. so i've been using J&J with him since birth. quite upsetting that a wonderful "Family Business" could betray our trust like this!

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