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Kandibarnard - posted on 05/19/2017 ( 3 moms have responded )




My husband and I both have kids but not with each other. His kids have never accepted me or respected me in any way. They were teenagers when we met. My kids were younger so I have always seen that they give him respect. We have joint bank accounts. His son got in some trouble with the law and needed 700.00 to get out of trouble. My husband took the money from our joint account, we both work and make the same amount of money, without asking me. I am livid and he doesn't see why. He says I'm being selfish and his son could go to jail for 10 years and I'm worried about money. FYI, his son and daughter have not spoke to him in over a year because we took his some in and made him get a job and he was mad so he left and said he would never come around us again. He also said, the bitch, meaning me, is the reason why. I want to know if I'm selfish and overreacting.


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Lena - posted on 06/29/2017




Hi, no your not over reacting. I too had something similar. Get your own bank account and deposit your own check in it. Your working to support your family (or yourself). If your husband took the money without asking you (seeing how it was your money in there too) then he was wrong. And when your step son made that comment about your the reason why he won't come around. Your husband should have stepped up and said she's the reason your out on bail. He should have had your back and defended you and not allow his son to speak like that. It's called respect. I know this because something like that happened to me as well. I argued and then I went and got my own checking and savings. My checks are direct deposit and my on line is password protected. He has no access and it's in my name only. It's tough I know and i feel bad for you. I know when it was happening to me, I wanted to die. With me, it happened over and over and over until I said enough. I wish you luck and it's unfortunate that you have to take these steps simple because your husband didn't speak up.

Alice - posted on 05/22/2017




I totally see where you are coming from and you are not overreacting. Why would you give your hard earned money to disrespectful troublesome kids??!!?! That child has 2 parents and he should've coordinated with the childs mom to see how to get him out. It is an issue and you've got to be honest with him. His kids disrespect you and thats the number one issue. that needs to be fixed. This is your life too and you dont have to be subject to nonsense that you wouldn't normally deal with just because a child is involved....A CHILD THATS NOT YOURS AT THAT!

Michelle - posted on 05/19/2017




He should have discussed it with you before taking the money out.
If the roles were reversed wouldn't you want to do all you could for your child?
I think you may be over reacting a bit. I suggest you sit down calmly and and discuss that if either of you need to access a larger amount of money, it should be discussed. You are both putting money in so you are both able to take it out.

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