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I have 2 boys who will be turning 5yrs and 3 yrs this summer (July and August) and I would like some suggestions on how to do a joint birthday party as they are only 2 days apart. There are only 3 other children (cousins, ages 5yrs, 2yrs and 8months) coming as the rest of the family are adults. My oldest son is in JK and I'm wondering if I should invite a couple of kids from his class or not ? I don't want my youngest son to feel left out. Any ideas/suggestions would be helpful.


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i have two boys and they will be 2 and 4 this july. 2 yrs and 8 days apart its really kind of rude to say not to have a joint bday. We, our family, enstow values as sharing and not being selfish bratt. Its called life and if they are treated like that from day 1, THAT is whats wrong with people, today. Grow up.

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Sweetie as a mother of two sons also, please don't have a joint birthday party. There is so much they have to share thru out their lives, let the day of their birth be their special day. Do one party one weekend and the other party the next. I am sure the 3 yr old is not aware of when his birthday is so you can move it out even further. As for the 5 yr old, yea, I would invite his classmates, this is a social learning experience for him. Soon he will be getting invited to other classmates parties, so interaction is important. Your 3 yr old isn't going to feel left out.....His special day is coming. Children have to learn it is not always about them, again another learning opportunity. Your 5 yr old really deserves his own special day.....After all I am sure he has had some jealousy about baby brother already. Good luck and I wish them both happy birthday.

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I would say combine their family birthday party. and then let the 5 year old have a separate friend birthday party, that way he still gets his own deal. I think the 5 year old rule is great, and another little rule if you want is 1 friend for each year of 5 friends. 2 years difference, is kinda big and with kids running around might even not be the safest. As they get older th age gap will seem to get smaller and then bigger again. Good luck

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I have a boy and a girl. We just had a joint party for them. We did it at a local park. All the kids had fun! One table was set up for boys (star wars) the other girls (my little poney). Sharing is hard to do and as parent we wish we did not have to but sometimes having two kids with Birthday only days apart can make it very hard if not inpossable to have two parties.

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I am all for joint birthday parties. I think they save money and time and you get one great party instead of 2 okay ones. We also don't allow friends until they are 5. A good theme might be pirates, Deigo, superheros, these are a few we have done.

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I have done joint parties the last two years for my 5 yr old and 2 yr old We have done spongebob and then a outrageous pirate party! The boys loved the pirate party!! I went to and got all sorts of goodies, decorations & favors!! Infalatable swords for the boys & we actually did princess tiaras for girl family that came and the boys have to "save" them LOL we turned our kiddie pool into a ocean with bob for boats (also oriental trading) and all sorts of goodies. I actually plan parties for a living and LOVE IT! Feel free to email anytime!!

Brenda mom of two!

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I'm a huge fan of combo birthday parties! makes it easier on the family that has to travel to the party. i don't allow my children to invite friends until they are five, so that would take care of some of your issue...they don't really care much until five anyway in my experience. :) at five, we have a tea party...but i have all girls. lol.

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