Joint Custody (Ugh!) Anyone else finding it difficult? Please tell me I

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Anyone else out there pulling their hair out trying to deal with their Ex? Joint Custody can be a real pain when your Ex is uncooperative. I am learning this more and more every day, and I'm convinced there MUST be other Moms out there going through the same thing. I created a Community "Dealing with Joint Custody (and all the drama that entails)" in hopes of forming a Support Group for those of us who feel "Support" and "Ex" don't go together quite as often as they should! I look forward to hearing from you!



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Hi there , Yes totally dealing with the same issues with the joint custody . I am a bio mom and a step mom . The bio mom of my oldest child is very immature, has shown to be selfish and some what unfit ( through the courts). My husband is the primary care giver and we both are raising the little guy. The bio mom has never paid any type of support but feels now that she is coming around to visit on a regular basis has all rights to know about every doc, dentist, education etc and wants to come to them even when non life threatening . which is a problem cause herself and I cant stand each other . I have keep my mouth shut for two years and never said anything to this girl (bio mom) but finally blew after time after time she has disrespected my home and my family . I understand the legal aspect of joint custody and usually that is a great thing for two bio parents but when one parent neglects to take the role of making the sure the child's needs are met nor financially support the child ever I don't feel that they should be involved in the child's regular health issues ( life threatening is a separate issue) . Especially when they dont even pay for anything towards the medical or education .

Dannielle - posted on 09/16/2009




Thank you Stacy :) I agree with you! Unfortunately though, when the other party involved is NOT cooperative, it doesn't quite work that way. And, although we hate it, there IS drama. As a Mother, of course I want what is best for my child, we all do. So, when these problems arise I think it would be very helpful to have other Moms to talk to in order to sort them out. Appreciate your insight :)

Stacy - posted on 09/16/2009




Joint Custody is difficult for every one involved. But we have to remember who is important here and that is the children. As adults and parents we have to do what is best physically and emotionally for our kids and sometimes that means putting our feelings aside. We all hate the drama but let it be known that you don't have time for the drama nor do you care to discuss it and that your children don't need to be around it. Be positive!! It will get better and much easier. Good Luck!!

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