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So I had a baby 13 months ago. Dick, the guy who got me pregnant, was harassing me the whole time for an abortion, etc. Said if I filed for support he would file for custody to punish me. Well, since I'm not financially wealthy, I had to file for support. And he waited until our hearing date to file for custody because I wouldn't agree to his tiny amount. Keep in mind, all of our "negotiations" we via email and so it's all documented that he said he did not want a relationship, he did not want custody or parenting time if I would agree to his offer. On July 2, 2012 (8 days ago) I received a letter from him saying that he would pay $200/month and go away if I agreed to it.

Today, we went before a judge (I have an atty) and the judge heard all of this and saw the letter and emails. She heard him admit that if I lowered the payments we wouldn't be in court and he wouldn't have wanted parenting time/joint custody of the child. The judge had the audacity to say that she believes that he is willing to try to be a dad and then told me that if my babysitter did not agree to let Dick into her home for his supervised visitations that she was going to order that Dick be allowed to take my child with no introductory period. Oh, did I mention that he's never seen my 13 month old baby?!? What happened to the option of "PAID" supervised visitation with a licensed professional!??!?! What can I do to keep this from happening? My babysitter does not want to be involved and the other mothers are not comfortable with a strange man being in her home with their children. My attorney just sat there with his finger up his butt and said nothing!! I'm sick to my stomach, as I'd rather agree to $200 and he go away than to have his filthy, hateful hands on my daughter.

How can this happen???


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You have every right to request a COURT APPOINTED guardian for these supervised visits, and you need to do so ASAP. Your sitter would not qualify, and if she's not comfortable, they cannot order her to allow a stranger into HER home to visit your child.

Tell your attorney that you will expect to see a request for a court appointed guardian for the supervised visitation.

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