Sodumb - posted on 01/02/2015




omg im dealing with this with my sister inlaw, but in this case shes in your shoes!! and i think shes physcotic!!! I dont get why people get so jealous over "stealing my shine" Like what the hell?? You announce it everyones happy, you have the baby everyones happy.. no one really cares outside of that. Im super happy for my SIL even though shes physco and hates me for "stealing her shine" were grown woman. getting pregnant should not be about getting attention it should be about making a beauitful family and starting a life. not whose getting more likes or more attention for it.

Onetraeh - posted on 07/02/2013




I think this post was very real & it takes a big woman to admit whn we r having feelings of jealousy;I think u just need to vent it out tht's all becuz obviously u can't change the circumstances & it sounds like u probably couldn't tell anyone around u lmao...but u know wht sometimes we're up & sometimes we're down so although u may feel this way right now things could change for the better & blessings will come your way;just don't let it eat u up.go have a workout;maybe hit on a bag a little & pretend it's her face or something

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 01/02/2015




Its time for you to grow up.

Get some counseling for helping you handle your feelings towards your husband's family, and for goodness sake, don't expect them to make every friggin move.

YOU have to reach out, and YOU have to be receptive. To be quite brutally honest, it sounds as if you're a prima dona who wants the spotlight, period, and since your husband's family has not given it to you, you're upset.

Honestly. Be happy, celebrate with them. You wanted them to celebrate with you, did you not? It goes both ways. You will be treated the way that you treat them...so perhaps it's time to try to open that door.

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Kylie - posted on 06/07/2015




I think its really brave of you to admit this. ignore what others have put they don't know you. Its a difficult situation. you obviously dont want to feel this way. and inlaws have a way of being extremely tactless, my MIL actually said when her daughter got pregnant how "this is the first proper grandchild because it was her daughter having the baby" it took everything in me not to launch myself over the table and physically throw her out my house!! but you know what once the baby actually comes the hype will soon pass and you wont have to hear about it all the time :) x

Ev - posted on 07/02/2013




I am sorry you feel this way but this is not some popularity contest and that is what it sounds like. You should be glad and joyful you got your little bundle of joy. So what if she is pregnant and is in constant contact with your inlaws. Worry about your baby and your home. The more you allow this to get to you the worse its going to be for your child and husband and home life. Having the spot light is not what this world is about. Its nice to be in it from time to time but do not let that be the main thing in your life. Find other spot lights to be in....you had the first grand child and grand son. Those will never be taken from you or your baby. I am also sorry to hear that you had a difficult time getting pregnant during the course of a year and another child might be slim chances. But rejoice in what you do have not what you can not control or have. If you worry about all those things you do not have or can't control then that is all you will obsess about. Stop while you are ahead. Do not be jealous of her, offer congrats and move on.

Mary - posted on 07/02/2013




I've never been in your position but I understand your feelings. I guess asier said than done, but if I were you I'll focus on MY baby. By the way you describe your in-laws I wouldn't be surprised if they compare you and your sister in-law pregancy and after your children ALL the time!! Your child will need you always. That's your firstborn, your heart and soul, look at his face and forget about the in-laws, enjoy being amom, nobody can't take that feeling away from you and don't let your in-laws get in the way. Love your son, be there for him and be patient because the situation will be hard to manage if they plaYING favoritism. So my advice, enjoy your son, enjoy being a mother and smile, he's the apple of your eye

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