Just a question about circle of mums...

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just a question...

You know how a person's name and user pic is on the top left beside their post when they reply to a thread?

If there is a reply, but there is no name and the place where the pic is supposed to be is just an empty box, what does that mean?

Does it mean the person is only visible to friends? Or is it actually someone that either you have blocked or who has blocked you?

Long story, but I have had a problem with some of my ex's abusive family members and mistresses (some he is still involved with, some he's no longer involved with). So I want to know if people's comments that come up nameless might be from one of the people I have blocked or just random strangers with high privacy settings.

If it's someone I have blocked, that means potentially they can read my posts (although shouldn't be able to see my nameon them, but would know from my situation it is me).



Krista - posted on 06/15/2011




Sometimes, I think it's actually just one of those ubiquitous COM glitches, I'm afraid. There've been times that I've had that experience where I can't see the photo or name of whoever made a specific comment. But I come back a few hours later, and there it is.

Keep in mind that if you've blocked someone, that only means that they cannot send you private messages (i.e. contact you directly). However, if you are in an "open" community, ANYBODY with a COM membership can view the community and the posts made therein. And yes, they would be able to see your name and photo.

Because of that, you may want to be careful as to how much you share in those communities. I unfortunately had a negative experience where I made a facetious comment about a made-up past sexual exploit in an open group. A COM member who had a beef with me read it and took it upon herself to contact my husband via Facebook, saying that I was telling all of COM that I had slept with all of these men. (It wasn't true. And fortunately my husband believed me. But it gave him a very negative impression of COM.) Since then, I've been careful to not share anything in open groups that I wouldn't want the whole world to see, sadly.

If you are a member of a group where you feel really close and like to confide in these women, it may be worthwhile to create a sub-group that is "secret" so that you and your group's members can use that group to discuss sensitive or private issues.

Hope this helps,



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Julie - posted on 06/20/2011




Thanks, I was just worried because the particular poster sounded like one of the women my exhusband had a long term affair with for a very long time while we were married. Last I heard she is still one of his long term lovers.

I don't care either way, but I've had a lot of trouble with her stalking, slandering and threatening me and my little girl. I'm not too worried about the stalking, slander and threats, but I'd hate for some info I've shared to get back to my ex and set him off after 18 months of thankfully having no contact from him except annoying things like my house getting egged from time to time, my car getting broken into because I have to park outside (no garage), mail being stolen. Annoying things I can handle, but I don't want the physical and threats and violence to start up again - nor do I want him to start hassling my fiancee - lol mainly because my fiancee is a martial artist and as much as my ex deserves getting his butt kicked, I don't want it to happen.

I had until now assumed if you had someone blocked on facebook and COM that that person couldn't see your posts. Now that I know they can, i'll be more careful.


[deleted account]

Yup, like Krista siad, it's just one of the CoMs glitchens that pops up randomly. For me, I never see the names and pictures of a few certain people, but I know others can see their info because they refer to the poster by name. I only have 1 person on here blocked and I know it's nt that person posting, so it's got to be a glitch (and the seurity settings hve nothing to do with it - I have the highest security settings possible and my info is still there).

Also, ditto on everything Krista said about being careful. Even if you have people blocked, they can still see what you post if they happen to come across it. That's why I don't have my last name or a picture of myself on here...

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