Just because I am a stay at home mom, does that mean I have to do everything to do with the house chores?


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Denikka - posted on 01/19/2012




I think that as a stay at home it is more of your responsibility to do the household chores. Not ALL of them, but more.

I'm a sahm and I have 2 kids under 3. I do my best to keep the house at a decent level until hubby gets home. I pick things up as I go by, empty the dishwasher and usually fill it back up as we eat. I make dinner every night (hubby can't cook anyways XD) and I try to throw in a load of laundry when there is one. It may not get moved to the dryer until later that night, but I try to at least get the process started. Oh, and I vacuum when I can.

Most of those things get done while hubby is at work. Some of it gets done after he gets home, then it's a switch. He watches the kids while I fold laundry or clean the kitchen or whatever.

I don't ask him to do much around the house. He takes out the garbage (that's the one thing I refuse to do :P), he also helps me pick up the kids toys and sweeps the floor when I ask him to. There isn't any outside maintenance to do, because we currently rent, but if there was, he would be doing a lot of that (house maintenance, mowing, etc)

I think that whatever it is, whatever split you decide on, it needs to work for both of you. There needs to be compromise so that no party feels taken advantage of. It's not fair for 1 person to take full responsibility for the living conditions of 2 people (or more depending on the age of the kids).

Jennifer - posted on 01/19/2012




No, for sure. My husband works all day, comes home, asks me how my day was, gives me a kiss, makes his own food, cleans up the kitchen if its a mess, gives our older daughter a bath, reads to her, gets her to bed and then asks me if I need help with anything else. My teenager is not so helpful, but if I tell him he needs to get his chores done if he wants to go anywhere for the next four years (until he is 18) he will do them. :)

Ashleigh - posted on 01/19/2012




im a stay at home mom too. My husband works all day, comes home, expects me to cook for him and sits his butt on the couch and watches t.v. i cook, clean, and take care of the kid. Men are douches. Sometimes when i dont feel like doing crap around the house, i let him sit in his own filth, and eventually he cleans it himself. And when he cleans, that man CLEANS. so its a bonus for me;) Thats the way of life, men are pigs.

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