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My daughter has a great routine that seems to be working for both me and my husband... Just wondering about other 10 month olds

730--Wake up...5oz bottle
815--Breakfast...fresh fruit with water and something different each day..toast,pancakes,Cheerios,cereal,oatmeal,muffin
10--5oz bottle
1230--lunch..1oz protein,(beef,chicken,turkey,fish,tofu),1oz carb(pasta,rice,lentil),2oz veggies ,1oz fruit for dessert with water
2--5oz bottle
3--snack..fresh fruit and water with something different each day..Cheerios,rice husk,puffs,arrowroot cookies,fishy crackers
5-530--dinner...1oz protein,(beef,chicken,turkey,fish,tofu),1oz carb(pasta,rice,lentil),2oz veggies ,1oz fruit for dessert with water
530-6--5oz bottle
Power nap
8--yogurt with either Cheerios,rice husk,puffs,arrowroot cookies
830--bath routine
9--7oz bottle then bed for the night


Ana - posted on 09/07/2013




Well, honey, wowzers! I was in the military 8 years and I wasn't as exact as you are with your 10 month old!

Ok, I have a 3 year old and a 8 month old. And basically, I feed them when they are hungry. I keep in mind what they had all day to ensure that at some point in the day they get veggies, protein, some childrens vitamins(gummies for the 3yr old and liquid for the infant), and ensure they get water and milk, cause they always get juice (especially when I'm out in town in a hurry).

Nothing wrong with your routine if you can keep it up until your baby is 5years old and in school, because it will definitely change. Wait! It's gonna change when the baby turns 2! Terrible twos or Busy Bee Twos, kids get really picky and you have to trick them to eat. So be blessed and keep them healthy while it's easy. Change is coming, but the kids are really fun around 2 as well. sort of. lol..

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