Just Found Out I'm Pregnant and My Husband Has Left Me

Nicole - posted on 07/08/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am so confused, where do I begin? Well, I just found out I was pregnant a week ago and this is my first(I am 5 weeks along). This was an unplanned pregnancy. I have been with my husband for 4 years, have been married to him for almost 2 years. He has been under a lot of stress lately and now with the news of the baby we have BOTH been very stressed. Today he freaked out on me and decided to pack up his bags and leave me for good. He has left me before many times under stressful situations, but this time it's different, he is leaving me and his unborn child. He has told me he is going back home (which is in another country) and that he can't take it here anymore. On top of this, I have recently moved to Colorado, where I know no one and I am states away from my family (whom would not be happy to hear that I am pregnant since this was very unplanned). I currently have a part-time job that barely pays for my expenses every month. I am very lost, I have not told any one that I am pregnant except for my husband (if you can even call him that anymore). I don't know what to do, I am grieving over losing someone that I am still in love with, trying to cope with feelings of abandonment, trying to not be too stressed for the baby, trying to decide if I should keep it or not, thinking that there is no way I can support and take care of a baby all by myself, I don't know what my feelings will be like if I do have this baby and it's half of the person that I am so irate with that I can't even think straight (will I be able to love him/her the same?), and when or if I should tell my family that I am pregnant. I had to get this off my chest, hopefully someone out there can give me some advice or story of their own. I feel like all I am doing is sitting here worrying and worrying and that's not good for me or the baby. Any help is very much appreciated, Thank you!


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Erica - posted on 07/10/2013




I agree with Ev that you should go home. If you don't have the money and you have a supportive family call them and tell them what is going on.
If you have insurance then seek the help of a therapist to help you decide if you want to keep this baby. Only you can decided if that's right for you and no one can judge you for your choice with your body!
If your family can get you the money to come home, and then help you get on your feet and help you to start raising this baby if you choose then do so. Staying there where you are will only depress you more and hurt you more.
No matter what everything will be okay sweetie! Your not alone!!!!! Message me if you like!

Ev - posted on 07/09/2013




IF there is nothing keeping you where you are living then go home. At least there you have family or friends that you do know. They need to know whether they like the idea or not and its not their business if you have a baby now or not. You are married to the guy so its not like you did this out of wedlock or a one night stand. I would seriously think about going home. If you can not live on what you are making right now, that would be your best bet. Once you reestablish at home, get a doctor for your prenatal, find a job, and start getting ready for your child. That is the best advice. When you have had the baby, then go after dad for what he needs to do which is at least pay child support.

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