Just found out my 16 year old granddaughter doing pot


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Irina - posted on 07/10/2015




Have you tried counseling? Would she agree to it? If it gets out of hand maybe try looking for help through the state..sorry about your situation..it could be worse.

Ruth - posted on 07/10/2015




I'm worried about my granddaughter,she's been smoking pot I don't know how much,tried to talk to her,but she doesn't do pot everyday,and now that Delaware has legalize it, your loud to have 1 oz., i heard on the news,but she is only 16 I would think you have to be older than 16.She's been having some emotional problems last year in school.She hasn't have a father in her life much ,her mom and dad are divorce ,hes has a drug problem doesnt see the children.I'm so afraid this pot might throw her over and want something stronger ,her mother is working and working and when shes not working she goes out with her male friend.Shes giving all the attention to him and not her children.I dont know what to do i'm so worried

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