Just got remarried and I have notified the courts and him of the move. email and letter. He has joint custody but does not go by the schedule. he is suppose to have her for 6 weeks during the summer and every other weekend. he does whatever when ever and my child support is never to me on time. Is he in contempt? and what should I do?


Jodi - posted on 07/04/2012




Depends on the wording of the orders, but generally they are orders to ensure YOU provide HIM with the visitation time. If he chooses not too use that time, he is generally not violating anything - it is a provision allowing him that those times for visitation, not ordering him to do it. If you don't give him that time, you will be in contempt. If you have moved and made it difficult to comply with the orders, you could get into trouble.

With regard to the child support, that is an entirely different issue. You have to separate the two issues, so if he isn't paying support, you can follow up on this (although you said it just isn't on time, not that he isn't paying, so there probably isn't a great deal you can do), but you can't prevent him from his visitation.

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