Just had Merina removed and ttc

Bessy - posted on 10/04/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




OK so the deal is, i had the Merina taken OUT on Sept. 3 2009 and i had what im guessing was a period from the 4th (Sept) to the 9th. Me and the hubs where going at it like bunnies (we are planing another one) and today is the 4th of OCT. and still no period. im having tender boobs (that i also know is a sign of period coming any day now) but for about a week now? and my uterus is getting a little pooch down there. i have taken 1 pregnancy test today and its a BFN :( i dont know what to think. i have had 2 past pregnancy's where the hormone does not show up an a PG test until im about 12 weeks or so. so i dont know what to think.


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Bessy - posted on 10/04/2009




im going to be taking a blood test tomorrow (Monday) im hoping for the worst. i want to be pregnant but hey you never know it just might not be my month..

Jessica - posted on 10/04/2009




I had mine removed March 30th, 09 and found out I was 4 weeks pregnant June 27th, 09. So it took only two cycles to concieve! They say that you should wait at least 1 cycle but recomend 3 cycles before ttc. Best of luck to you! I had the same feeling right after getting mine out, and a little bleeding, but first normal period was in last part of April. Good luck!

Jennifer - posted on 10/04/2009




it is very possible to fall pregnant right away after the mirena..my experience wasnt like that at all..i had mine for two years and had it removed and had bleeding for about 4 days. after that i didnt have a period for a full year. i had to go see my gyno to give me meds to start my period which did but didnt keep it going but i finally did start my own periods and i am now 3 1/2 months preg. i hope you have better luck!! just dont be crushed if it takes awhile it will happen! goodluck to you

Sarah - posted on 10/04/2009




I say if you are trying to have another baby have fun keep "going at it like bunnies" and in 12weeks test yourself.

Blood tests don't always show when the other one doesn't, I was pregnant and I had a blood test done and it didn't show up positive.

And maybe grats are in order :)

Penny - posted on 10/04/2009




haha good luck what luck it would b to fall straight away i found with all mine i felt really tender down there about 5 days before my bf was due most tests r 99 pacent accurate but if it usually doesnt show

either go to docs and have a blood test they can tell u the same day sometimes or stick it out and see it is nerve racking isnt it best of luck


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