Just in need of moral support.

Kim - posted on 03/23/2014 ( 3 moms have responded )




I'm 23 years old and am about 10 weeks pregnant. From the way events are turning out I'm going to be a single mom without much support from my family. My boyfriend of a year and half left me without even saying a thing. I'm just nervous and scared didn't really expect things to start out like this.


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Agatha - posted on 03/23/2014




Good can come from every situation! God gave you this sweet little baby for a reason. It could be to bless a family who can't have kids of their own. I have three friends who have been on waiting lists for a couple years now to adapt a baby! There are a bunch of wonderful services out there that will help you with diapers and baby clothes. Go to any Catholic church and they can help you get the help and care you need!

Amanda - posted on 03/23/2014




What about your friends? Do any of them have kids? It is scary thing to go through, especially alone and for the first time. It will not be easy but it will be incredibly worth it. I have three beautiful little girls - 2, 6, and 10. If none of your friends have kids then you should find a way if meeting some. Take a parenting class; or lamaze, or the local le leche group. Even with the third one it helped to have someone going through the same thing. It will help keep you sane once the baby is born. They are a lot of work and babies are not always kind! But, when they gaze up at you or try to reach for you - the world will melt away and you will feel the love and joy of motherhood.

Kayla - posted on 03/23/2014




You will do great. Your main concern is your baby and yourself. Maybe your family and your boyfriend will come around, and hey, maybe they won't. But you will love and cherish your beautiful baby regardless. I wish you the best throughout your pregnancy!

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