Just lazy or is it more than that?

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My son has never been able to hold a job for more than two to three weeks,ever.Usually long enough to get a check then quit.Now hes married with two kids and has been homeless since January 2016, got evicted.After going through all the possible charities available, they wound up at our hose which was supposed to be for only a week, Its been a month, Got a job quickly after getting here but hes done already and of course its not his fault.How can you make someone see the light and stop blaming everyone and everything for their continual screwing up, Im frazzeled and baffled


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Michelle - posted on 05/27/2016




I agree with Jodi, you need to stop enabling him.
I am also wondering about his wife and children. Is she working? If not, why?

Jodi - posted on 05/27/2016




He's lazy. But I'd say he has also been enabled in some way. Somewhere along the way, he has been allowed to quit when things don't go his way. Did you ever have him giving up on things when he was younger and you just allowed him to quit, or told him its not his fault, not made him stick things out, even if he doesn't like what he is doing or who he is working with? Often, this is what creates an adult who blames others for their woes and won't stick things out.

What can you do? Stop enabling him. You are enabling him right now.

Where is the mother of these children? Does she have a job?

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