just looking for a child safe underarm deodorant


Raye - posted on 06/22/2015




Look for a product that is only a deodorant, not an antiperspirant. It's not the sweat that stinks, but the bacteria in the armpit that feed on the sweat. The child needs to wash regularly, especially after hard play or sports, and reapply the deodorant. If deodorants have too much of a smell, you could also try using witch hazel, rubbing alcohol, or baking soda to dry out and kill bacteria. Do not use anything with corn starch, as that will feed the bacteria. You could also have the child wear athletic shirts that wick away moisture to keep the area dry. Or at least choose cotton shirts, not polyester or other synthetics that don't breathe.

As Sarah mentioned, the body odor may have other causes. Have the child stay away from foods that are heavy on garlic, curry and onions. Blue cheese, cabbage, vinegar and red meat may also contribute to an unpleasant body odor. In fact, if a food has a strong aroma before you eat, chances are it may linger in your system long after your meal. Have the child eat more fish, chicken, vegetables, fresh fruits, and have them drink plenty of water.

If it's really bad and the child isn't very active, then they may have a medical condition. If nothing else seems to work, you may want to have them checked by a doctor.


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Sarah - posted on 06/20/2015




How old a child? Avoid antiperspirant, that is where the chemicals come into play. Maybe Tom's brand would be all natural and likely safe for a younger child. However, a young child should not need deodorant and body odor may be symptom of a different problem.

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