just wanting opinions on a difficut sittuation. i have recently moved back into my parents house and have only been here for a week, at the start everything was going well getting along well with everyone at home (mum,dad,older brother and his child and my older sister and her child) but me and my sister had a disagreement over what to have for tea just one off those silly fights nothing serious. although the next day she was not speaking to me but she was also doing this to everyone in the household so i didnt think much off it and gave her the space she needed but now 3 days later she is speaking to everyone happily apart from me and my son she is ignoring everything he does if he tries to speak to her or play with her son she either ignores him or tells her son to stay away for mine and gives me the cold shoulder i have no idea what to do and realy dont understand what i have done the fight about tea was nothing serious at all and does not make sense for any off this to be going on. my son is so upest because he is not aloud to play with his cousin and does not understand why, i undrstand that maybe its because this was her house and we are intruding but i have tried to stay out off her way as much as possible both her and her child have ther own rooms and living room my family witch includes myself my child and my partner are all sleeping in one room that only fits our queen size bed we stay out off there way when its her childs nap time meal time or other important times they had before we moved back in. im not sure what im doing wrong and how to fix this any advice or input would be apprictiated thank you.


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Unless your sister is 4 years old, and her child is a toy doll, this is not about what you had for tea. You are not going to figure it out on your own, you'll have to ask her.

Catch her in a quiet moment and ask her if you can talk about the family dynamic. Make sure your tone does not imply that she's being silly or selfish or intentionally rude. Ask her if there is anything YOU can do to make living together easier, to make sure everyone is happy and getting along. By focusing on what you can do, instead of what she can do, you keep her off the defensive, but you plant the idea in her mind and she will be forced to think about the way she is acting as well.

Does the house you are living in belong to her or your parents? If it is your parents' home, she really doesn't have the right to be upset that you are there because she is there too--you are both your parents' children and have equal rights. That said, if it is her home, and having you there is straining your relationship, you might want to consider leaving asap. You don't want to destroy your relationship with your sister for life just to save a few dollars on rent.

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