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Bianey - posted on 02/19/2015




Well she can sit and hold her up she doesn't like to be laying down if she is laying she tries to sit up but she can't she can lift her head and upper body and tends to roll over and when we eat she tends to reach out to get food ...she is teething already. She will be 5 month on the 3rd of next month we are not giving her like the whole Gerber but we gave her a taste. Also the Dr told us we could give her rice cereal and lately since we gave her the rice cereal she doesn't want to drink from the bottle that much and we show her the spoon to give her rice cereal and she gets excited .. But we aren't feeding her with Gerber but we do let her taste that's why I was wondering if it was bad.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 02/18/2015




Signs your baby is ready for solids:

1. Holding head entirely on own, and has full control
2. Sitting unassisted for good period of time
3. Interest in food
4. Reaching for mom/dad plate
5. Lots of tongue thrusting, showing control of tongue and mouth co-ordination
6. 6 months or older

Sarah - posted on 02/18/2015




At 4 months all baby needs is breastmilk or formula. It is not good to give anything else.

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