just woundering about baby cloths??

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Im having a little baby boy and im 31 weeks prego. So close and so i guess my nersing insinks are kicking in.. i have my babys room all set up. toys.. bassenet... play N pen.. stroller. i have alot of baby boy cloths... well i have a cupple of cloths from 0-3 months... not that much mostly 3-6 and 6-12... do i need more cloths for 0-3 month clothing? and i have about 3 towels? is that okay? do i need more? nothing seems to be enuff for my lil guy and its driving me crazy! See i havnt got a baby shower yet and at first i was upset but now im just not carring anymore... my friends dont want to throw me a party thats okay. i can buy my baby stuff :D

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go on ebay look up baby boy clothes lot u will find it all their i bought all my sons clothes there i got over 200 pieces for 100$ and even shoes towels blankets i love it were all moms when are kids get bigger people sell the clothes im happy

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You're probably okay. Most of us figure it out as we go anyway. =)

I would get a few more towels and a few washclothes. As far as clothes, think of this. You will likely change your little guy's clothes at LEAST once a day because babies spit up and poop on their clothes. I would make sure I had enough to last a week taking into consideration one change a day. That is, unless you REALLY like washing clothes all the time. =) Oh, and when you're shopping, don't forget burp clothes and bibs...both were lifesavers for me!

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I know i had NO newborn clothing for my little one. And he wore them for two months. So i would suggest picking up a couple outfits that size. I know my 4mo is wearing 6month onsies but 0-3mo pants. It all depends on the size of your baby!! My little one also wore premies for 2 months with the 0-3. Congrats on your little one and i hope i helped!

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ok i suggest quite a bit of onesies, baby tends to get messier by drooling tons and pooping far more than you ever thought on clothes. :D i must have had about 15 short sleeve onesies, and 5 full body onesies with the footsies. (i recommend those for bedtime) i have about 9 towels and quite a few wash cloths. grab a few newborn onesies for the first two weeks, he'll float in the 0-3 months. My daughter was 8 lbs. 5.3 oz. and newborn clothes still fit her a little big. if you live near a walmart, they always have clearance sales and you can find onesies for $1-$2. and girl, i threw my own shower, we live in a city where we have no family, my sorority sisters helped decorate and bought my cake, but i did the majority of the work. in this day and age, throw yourself a shower, or use the money you would have spent throwing a shower and go on a baby shopping spree with your husband. :) hope this helps and hope your delivery goes smoothly and baby is perfect in every way.

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