Keep trying or let go?

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I've been in a on again off again relationship with my child's father for the past 2 years. When I discovered I was pregnant he left and didn't want anything to do with me or the baby. He called from a clocked number for months cursing me out until one day he decided he wanted to be apart of his child's life. Fast forward we got back together but only for things to fall apart drastically. He started asking for money and becoming distan . We broke up but managed to spend Christmas and New Years together as a family (broken up) it gave me a little hope. Fast forward we haven't been getting along. I was gearing up to go back to work and he took on the job of watching our baby while I worke . He asked for money and when I didn't give it to him he got really angry and told me to never call him again. He stuck to his word .I had no sitter so I lost my job. It's bee almost 2 weeks since we've spoken or since he's seen his daughte . What should I do?


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How do you think an "on-again-off-again" relationship is affecting your child? It's probably worse for her than just calling the entire thing quits, because it will become very confusing for her. The relationship seems to be very unstable, and children need some level of stability in their lives. At least when two parents are no longer together and keep it that way, it provides some certainty for a child. Besides the fact that dad sounds like a real winner (read sarcasm)......

What you need to do now is be done with this. Move forward. That does NOT mean you cut dad out of your daughter's life, but you file for custody and visitation as well as child support so you can make sure your daughter's interests are taken care of. If you are unemployed and can't afford a lawyer, you should be able to get some legal aid to help you with the process.

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