Keeping Biological Father Away

Denise - posted on 09/02/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Of course this is a man you once loved but when he chooses to be unsupportive during the pregnancy followed up by non interest in the newborn, only demanding to see the child when he chooses, you have to wonder how this coming and going will affect your child in the long run. Once the relationship ends, you have the clarity you lacked about the person he really is such as he lied so much, he has no stable job history, he is a drug user (and lied about it), pretended to have cancer to keep me sucked in at one point. I do understand we chose this person. However, the child did not and how fair is it to allow this person who is a bad influence near the child? My thinking is to fight to keep him away.


Dove - posted on 09/02/2012




My thinking is that it's not the child's fault you chose this man to be the father, but he IS the father. Half your kid came from that man and you child has a right to know the father... even if the father is less than ideal. Your child will come to his/her own conclusions about the man, but if you don't give your child that chance... he/she will blame you for that and the father won't be the one looking like the bad guy.

Now, of course, your child has a right to be SAFE with the father, so if there is drug use then supervised visits may be the way to go.... But to fight to keep him away 100%... I don't agree with that at all and there would have to be serious abuse going on for you to receive that granted by the courts.

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