keeping the man that I had a baby from, feom getting seeing right.

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My situation is a bit weird brob for sum to think. When I was 16 I met an older man online...I used him to get outta my bad situation with my crack addicted prostitue mother...he promised me so many things which turn to b a lie...btw hes 27 yrs older than me... I moved outta state with him.. and he got charged in tn for satuatory rape on me..I ended up getiing prego with my gorgeous beautiful daughter..I of courae ended up back with him..for I had no wherw to go... he was addicted to drugs...physically n mentally abised me.. tried to get me to do awful things for him...well after 6 yrs herw I am now...on my own taking care of my precious lil 6 yr ol this sob is trying to demand seeing right on her... please help me it possible for him to do that..after all hes done and with his age n long arrest record?? I have been sick with stress over this...hes a bad influence...I would die if my daughter had ro c that sick man... btw I am now 23 and hes 51 ... do I have anything to worry about... I pray to god he never geta rights.


Penny - posted on 06/28/2013




Afterall that hes done to you, he sounds like an awful human being, you were only a child when you met him and it sounds like you felt you had no other choice at that stage of your life, i.e. for horrible reasons to get away from your crack addicted mother. I say go with your gut. No one was there to protect you .. but you have your daughter and her wellbeing to protect.
If he is as bad as you say he is, fight til the end to ensure he never gets to see her. One day when shes old enough she can make her own decision about whether she wants to see him. Goodluck.


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Short answer? He's got just as much right to the child that he created with you as you do.

Your situation may have not been ideal, but I'm fairly certain you could have received help without involving yourself with, and sleeping with a man 27 years your senior.

You slept with him, a child was created, and he's got a 50/50 right to her.

As for the rest, I agree with Jodi and Kelly.

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Unfortunately, Jodi is right. You chose this guy to father your child when you decided to use him and sleep with him, he has rights to her just like you do. He can take you to court to get visitation rights, but given his past, if you get a VERY good lawyer, and VERY good evidence, you can probably limit visitation to supervised visits only two or three days a month. You mentioned that he was charged with statutory rape, but you never said whether he was convicted or not, then you said you ended up back with him, so was the charge dropped? Unfortunately, a charge without a conviction isn't going to hold much water in court. You need convictions, not just charges. You also need real evidence, not just hearsay or circumstantial stories.

Jodi - posted on 06/28/2013




He's her father. He has rights, he's always had rights. He certainly has the right to petition the court to see her. Sorry that you ended up in the situation you did, but the fact of the matter is, you slept with him, you lived with him, you had a baby with him, you now have to deal with the consequences of that. Has he filed in court for visitation?

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