ketchup stains

Jocelyn - posted on 05/12/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




how do i get ketchup stains out of my sons white clothing? without using bleach or chemicals..


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Jeanne - posted on 05/12/2009




I use all detergent with Oxy-Clean and it works great on stays on clothing. You can also soak what is stained in milk...the enzymes will attack the stain and then wash normally.

Samantha - posted on 05/12/2009




Stain Removal Step 1.

Remove as much of the excess ketchup as possible from the fabric.

Stain Removal Step 2.

Run cold water through the back of the stain as quickly as possible. This will force the stain back out through the fabric.

Stain Removal Step 3.

Rub a liquid detergent into the stained portion of the fabric. Work it in gently.

Stain Removal Step 4.

If the garment is white, or you have tested it for colorfastness, apply a mild bleaching agent like hydrogen peroxide or white vinegar with a sponge. You can also use lemon juice on white fabrics. Rinse well.

Stain Removal Step 5.

Repeat with detergent followed by mild bleaching agent until the stain no longer appears.

Stain Removal Step 6.

Apply a stain remover stick, gel, or spray and allow it to sit for at least 5 minutes.

Stain Removal Step 7.

Launder with detergent. Before drying double check the stain.

Stain Removal Step 8.

If the stain remains, rub detergent into the stain and soak in warm water for 30 minutes. Rinse well.

Stain Removal Step 9.

If the stain remains, apply stain remover stick, gel, or spray and launder according to directions.

Amy - posted on 05/12/2009




Try white vinegar and/or baking powder. But I love gets EVERYTHING out. Spray rub then wash. GONE

Stefanie - posted on 05/12/2009




Oxi Clean Free - it is dye-free, etc. Not sure if you consider it a chemical, but it keeps all my son's whites looking new, and colors bright :)

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