Kicking, Punching, and Screaming sometimes when being settled down for a nap


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Beth - posted on 01/26/2011




I am wondering if it is a temper tantrum when she does that.....I am not sure, I am a first timer and have nothing to compare it to. I rock her to sleep while she is doing this and she does eventually pass out but I am not sure why she does this sometimes. She is teething but honestly I think she has done this every now and then since birth. I wish I could figure it out before she gets older and stronger, lol. I want her not to do this but I have never done anything about it just hold her and rock her and sing to her and feed her. she is only eight months so I am hoping I can reason with her when she is a little older. She is very strong willed I think but she is so smart I do not realize if and when she is throwing a tantrum or whatever until we are full blown in it, lol. I hate to say though sometimes she is so dramatic when she is crying and stuff she kinda looks cute.......and I have to giggle.

User - posted on 01/26/2011




My 2 year old will do this on a semi regular basis. Some nights he goes to bed without an issue and will actually put himself down for a nap. Other nights it is a battle of wills. Some nights I just hold his door shut as he kicks, screams, and throws things until he falls asleep.

Kathy - posted on 01/26/2011




Remember that phase quite well. Both of my kids went through this. Just lay your child down, calmly cover, and walk away. Eventually they all get the point that the tantrum doesn't work and stop. Have fun and good luck!

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