Kidney Stones And Stent Placed In ureter During Pregnancy

Tiela - posted on 12/01/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




Okay,I am new to Circle Of Moms.I came across this researching kidney stones and stents being placed in the ureter during pregnancy.I have been through this.I read on the subject on this page with lots of pregnant women going through this scared,and had a lot of questions.I couldn't respond to them for some reason.So I would just like to share my story.I had an awful pregnancy...I had been trying to get pregnant for over a year,and when I finally did...I didnt even know what was going on.I was sick all the time....I remember the day I first got sick.I stayed home from school and I was making a day of just relaxing and watching movies,I made some chili mac and ate a little bit of it...something about it just made me really upset and I puked it up...and from then on I was puking literally!I thought I was just really sick this went on for two weeks!I didnt even think that my period hadnt come...I think it was my boyfriend(now husband)Who mentioned it.So we went and bought three home pregnancy tests and sure enough ,all three positive!I just couldnt believe it!I just thought I was really sick,didnt even cross my mind I had been trying over a year!So I was very happy!And then the next day I was puking up blood,so since I was pregnant and didnt have a dr. yet, so we went to the emergency room,where they confirmed my pregnancy and said I just had sever morning sickness which was breaking blood vessels from puking so hard.So from then on I found my mid wife and made a birth plan.Still was very sick and weak from the pregnancy,puking constantly couldnt keep nothing down!this went on for about four and a half months I lived on my couch and dropped weight like crazy...and this really freaked me out cause I assumed the total opposite!After the terrible morning sickness went away I felt awesome!!!And could finally enjoy being pregnant!And we found out that we were having a baby girl!Olivia was the happiest feeling in my entire life at that point in time.It lasted less than a month.I had moved to another house.Didnt lift much that was heavy, but still cleaned,packed and moved the old house.When we were done,I layed on my bed and was out!I woke up in excruciating pain which felt like it was in my back.I thought it was just normal pregnancy back pain,and from the move.I went all day with it gradually getting worse and worse.That night I went to bed and was still in pain.I woke up the next morning and it was still there!It was hurting so bad now that I could hardly stand it.I just tried to ignore it.And then I had to pee really bad!Went to the bathroom hardly got anything out for what felt like a bladder full,and I looked in the toilet to find blood!I freaked and immediately called my mid wife.Went in and I had kidney stones,which were blocking my kidney from draining and would have cause renal failure.My mid wife prescribed me some pain meds which she assured me Olivia would be fine.So I took one I just couldnt handle the pain.I then had a stent placed in my ureter so my kidney could was to be in for the remainder of my pregnancy!After the surgery in which they placed the stent, I was in the worse pain imaginable.The only way I can describe it is torturous!everyday not a single minute without pain.I was then on round the clock pain management.I took them every two hours and if I didnt.It was like I said torture I cant even describe how it felt really other than that.I never felt relieved.I would go to the bathroom and sit there forever trying to pee I would get some out,but still feel like I had to hurt so bad to pee.I could hardly walk if I pushed myself to far I would regret it.This totally held me back from life,and the joy of carrying my child.I couldn't set up her nursery.I tried to shop for baby things a few time but could hardly walk so the few times that I did when I finally made it to the checkout and then my car it seemed like walking miles and once I got to my car I was in so much pain I would just cry.I tried to hold it together around people especially my husband.but when no one was around all I would do was cry and scream into my pillow I was in so much pain.The pain seemed to only get worse the bigger she got.and with that the more pain meds I took.I got to the point where I would run out a couple days before my next script and that was always the worse two days of my life each time,and I always knew it was coming...and I would be got to the point I finally went to the emergency room to get a couple shots of morphine just to get me by until I could fill my night after my couple shots of morphine.I was in labor and didnt even know until my water broke On her due date thank goodness because they were going to induce me the following monday due to how much pain I was in.I wanted her to come on her own,and she did!as I said before I had a birth plan....and she was going to be an all natural birth...well that kind of went out the window when I had to start taking pain meds.And I just was terrified of more pain!And I just didnt know how labor was going to go due to the stent and the stones.So I got the epidural.Which I swear didnt even work because I felt everything!after 12 hours I gave birth to the most beautiful person I have ever met!Olivia weighed 8 lbs 9 oz!!she was healthy as could be and as sweet as ever!I couldnt feel any pain from the stent and the stones in the few days that followed...but sure enough I felt pain again!Not near as bad as before but it was still there!and I was so sick of it!I had lithotripsy,and later the stent taken out which hurt really bad and it was calcified,filled with tiny fragments of stones and stained red from all the blood!!It totally shredded my ureter when it came out because of the calcification on the outside of it.And to this day it spasms and hurts I get UTI like crazy and still have stone problems....Im very terrified of getting pregnant again...but I really would love another baby.

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