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Cecilia - posted on 09/17/2013




Personally, I'm a bit old fashioned but I would not in any way accept such behavior from my teen. They would have sever consequences. Okay disobeying rules is somewhat normal for teens. They like to see how far they can push before getting pushed back. In general speaking they are like toddlers. They want freedom but don't know what to do with it and want to know that their parents are their for them when needed.

Running away.. well the honest answer would be I would send them to a place for teens with bad behavior. They actually do have locked-down facilities. I've been in one, I wasn't a bad kid- I just didn't have a home. Most girls after being there a month would go home learning they appreciated the freedom they were given.

If I can't trust them to be where they say, they won't go anywhere.

I know it's hard. well somewhat. My teenagers honestly give me few problems. Yea they are smart mouthed, they talk back, roll their eyes and sigh at me. Those things are forgivable. I will tell them to watch their tone and they are expect to apologize to me when they calm down. To be fair, when I go a little off the handle I am expected to apologize to them.

Shirley - posted on 09/17/2013




teenage disobey the rules ,running away because you say there friend can not spend the night . Saying that she is at one place and at another place.

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