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Kasie - posted on 06/10/2011 ( 5 moms have responded )




We have two girls. My two year old eats and trys anything right now and we always have veggies everyday. When it comes to our eight year old she is now acting like a 2 year old when it comes to eating and I refuse to make more than one meal. We all eat the same thing for dinner. She is to the point she will just push stuff around and I know she is trying to make me mad. Is it bad to just tell her either you eat what we have or nothing?


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Kasie - posted on 06/11/2011




Thanks for the encouragement everyone! Glad to know I am not the only one lol. I make a dinner every night I have cut out the snacks for the older of our girls so she cant say ohh Im not hungry anymore. She gets her 3 meals a day and thats it. She has a few other issues that she sees the counselor and psyc for. It was not untill about a week ago she had started to play around with the veggies or just sit there and stare at them. I am pretty positive she is doing it to make us mad as she does other things as well to make us mad and see if she can get some sort of reaction from us. She is on a sugar free diet to help with her attitude and make her a little more manageable between this and meds we are getting there slowly but it is always something new. I do the same thing for both of our girls though if you dont eat your dinner sorry its bed time there is no other option. I just wanted to make sure I wasnt being too mean :)

Anne - posted on 06/11/2011




We do exactly what Sharon said. You eat at meal time or you go to bed hungry, even though we do allow an apple or a banana before bed time. Our 7-year old is old enough to understand the concept. And it's not like we are starving her during the day. It's always dinner that's the issue.

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NO AND AGAIN NO!!!!!! Do not let your children manipulate you. They will eat when they get hungry, Put the food in front of her and if she doesn't eat, put it in the fridge and at the next meal pull it out and give it to her while the rest of you eat what you just made. My parents did that ot us and I did htat to my kids and a few times of that, we.they ate what was put in front of them. My dad only allowed me not to eat 2 meals when I was little that mom made and that is because they literally made me ill. But I had to make my own and he had to approve of it. Thankfully mom only made these meals maybe once a year. Usually it was a peanut butter sandwich that I made. I would say ignore her antics and don't give in. Another thing is that she can't get sown until she finishes her meal, but I found that putting it in the fridge and giving it to them at the next meal worked best.

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No its not bad at all. Tell her that she has to at least taste everything ( a good taste). If she doesn't like it after trying it, then don't force her to eat more, but be consistent with letting her know that this is all she's going to get until the next meal. Then follow through. She'll soon figure out that its better to eat than to go hungry. Don't allow snacks either if she hasn't eaten her meal. I think she is doing a little power struggle here. You don't have to get upset with her. If she refuses to even taste the food, then just say okay and pick up her plate, and say I guess you're not hungry, so you'll have to wait until the next meal. She still should stay at the table until the rest of the family is finished with their meal, as mealtimes are not just about eating. They are a good time to talk and stay connected to each other.

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No, it isn't bad bad to tell her to eat what is provided or go hungry. That is exactly what I do. At 8 years of age she is capable of understanding why she needs to eat the meal in front of her. Also, when you are with her just chatting ask her about what foods she really likes and what foods she doesn't like so you can get an idea of why she might not want to eat what you are cooking. Do a bit of on-line research to find new recipes to try, different ways to present the foods to encourage her to eat. If she chooses not to eat her dinner she needs to realise that she won't get any snacks before bed time, the only thing she can have is a glass of milk to get her through the night. Kids and food is always going to be a challenge, good luck.

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