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I breast feed my child he is in year 4 (age9)should I carry on??????
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♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 10/07/2014




If he's medically unable to ingest other forms of nutrients, then pump.

If you're just doing it because you don't want to wean, for whatever overattached reason you have...stop.

Chet - posted on 10/06/2014




The best research suggests that the natural age of weaning for humans is probably between 2.5 and 7 years old. Looking at other large animals and primates, weaning tends to happen when the young are four times their birth weight, one third of their adult weight, get their first permanent molars, are about half way to sexual maturity, etc.

So although it's uncommon to find older children nursing today anything under the age of 7 is probably reasonable if mother and child are both still comfortable. I've known a couple of kids who were four, approaching five, who hadn't weaned completely, but they weren't nursing very often at that point.

I've seen the odd post online from moms who had older children (5 or 6) nursing or drinking expressed milk, but it was always in the context of a younger sibling who was still nursing and the mother included the older child to a limited degree if they asked, or gave them the left over expressed milk.

By 9, if your child is nursing for comfort it's a probably time to transition to other strategies. You can't nurse forever.

If I had a medically compromised child who could benefit from breastmilk. and I had the milk to give them, I think I'd pump and give it to them that way.

Beth - posted on 10/06/2014




No. I cant imagine what this is socially doing to your 9yr old, which is 90% of their life.

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