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Traci - posted on 02/18/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




I have a 9 year old who is afraid of everything. He does not want to be alone in any room of the house. Anyone have any ideas on how to break fear in a child?

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Pamela - posted on 01/16/2013




I also have a 3 yr 2 month old son who sometimes is scared of things or being left alone, or strange sounds. If you are Christian, it helps to pray over your children every morning and night time. Sometimes it could be things unseen that cause all these fears, but prayer breaks this.

Kristi - posted on 01/10/2013




My son will literally go into hysterics if he realizes I've left the room. He still sleeps with me and he's six years old... when I talk about him sleep in his own room he has this look of terror on his face (people think he's playing me but I really do think he's scared). His Dad left when he was 10 months old and pops in his life once in a while at Christmas time and his birthday I don't know if this could have something to do with it or not but it makes it really hard for me to do laundry or anything. Even taking a shower I try to sneak out of the bed and get in the shower without him realizing I'm gone and I always make sure I leave the door to the bathroom open so he doesnt' freak out if he wakes up. When I go back in the bedroom he is holding on the dog's collar to make sure she doesn't leave him alone too. I hate that he is feeling this way and I'd love for him to sleep in his own room.

Dawna - posted on 02/08/2012




Hi Traci :)

My daughter is now almost 9 and truly HATES to be alone. This poses a real problem at bedtime, where she continuously gets out of bed and leaves her room with various reasons/excuses why she needs to see/talk to her dad and I. Did your son outgrow it or did you do something to help him with this?



Abbie - posted on 02/18/2010




When I was that age I was very afraid of things, He will grow out of it, just don't push it too hard too fast. Some children are more afraid then others. Eventually he will get to be 15 and want to be alone........LOL

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