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Phyllis - posted on 12/21/2010 ( 16 moms have responded )




Just wondering what age you would/did allow your kids to start using the stove (supervised of course) for things like grilled cheese, eggs, etc.


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My 2-year old stands on a chair in front of the stove to help me cook every single day. She knows not to touch the pots or burners. She'll stir, dump cans, or put veggies into the pot as I cut them. If I have to pour boiling water, I make her move. We have a blast together in the kitchen.

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Probably about 5 or 6. But they'd have to prove that they were mature enough and knew what to do incase of an emergancy, from a burn to a fire.

I would let them start helping when they start to show interest and can reach the counter safely.

I know I was using the sharp knives by 6... but looking back that was probably a bad idea on my dad's part. I never cut myself... but still.

I'm really surprised at the ages people have said. I was actually expecting a lot of moms to be freaking out a the thought of their 10 year old using the microwave.

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He likes doing dishes too..hell train em when they are young! ; )


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Marsha - posted on 12/22/2010




My daughter has no interest (90%) of the time in cooking. The few times that she does, I let her help. SHe's 6 and when those moments of interest come up, she helps. Usually it's things like decorating cookies (with sprinkles) or opening the microwave door (her newest venture). She knows things are hot and when not to touch or get too close.

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Again, she cannot physically turn on our stove. Plus, she's no idiot. She knows what hot is. If she didn't, she would have burned herself by now.

Amanda - posted on 12/22/2010




I have a newer stove, a glass top. Any child can turn it on, just by climbing up and turning a knob (which you already taught them by allowing them near a stove with a chair to start with). And then theres one crispy butt!

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Well...being that she is not physically able to turn on the stove or oven...I have no worries about her burning herself on a cold stove when I'm not around. Plus when I'm doing laundry, she's right there doing it with me. A little shadow that girl is.

Amanda - posted on 12/21/2010




Wow im shocked at the ages ppl are throwing out. I never allowed my children to be near the stove until they were tall enough to be there without a chair, stool that can slip out from under them very easily. Call me paranoid but when you give a 2-5 year old permission to cook on the stove while you are standing beside it, what is stopping them from cooking while you are in the basement changing a load of laundry? Stoves are a MAJOR NO NO spot for any child under the age of 8 (depending on height) in my house.

Actually my 2 year old is trained when I say Im opening the oven, she leaves the kitchen for safety, and waits for me to say Im done before she comes back into the kitchen.

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My daughter was about four, I guess. She knew what hot was and was able to remember the whole time she was standing there to not touch the stove. She did touch the pan once, but only once. She used great care after that. She is nine now, and she is still supervised, but I don't stand over her shoulder with my hand over hers. I am just nearby.

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I don't know if there is a right age. I think it depends on how your child is. I just never want to be the way my mother was. She was always so worried and feared the mess. She wouldn't let me or my brother do anything. I was like 15 by the time I was making grilled cheese and eggs for myself. Kids need to learn.

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Supervised (oatmeal etc.) 7ish. One of my children was baking from scratch at 8 or 9.

Kylie - posted on 12/21/2010




My 2 year old helps cook..he does mixing and pouring and passing me ingredients. My 5 year old helps to stir things on the stove, pour the batter into the pan when we're making piklets, use the sharp knives to chop mushrooms/ banana/ cucumber etc. Always supervised though. She started helping with the stove stuff at 5.

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I don't have an older kid but I remember my mum teaching my brother how to make air popped popcorn with kernels in a brown paper bag in the microwave at 4 she got mad when us older kids taught him to melt butter in a thing and pour it over hahaha

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My son started "helping me cook" at about 4. He stands at the stove stirring while I am adding things...or he will add toast etc. He is quite helpfull too!

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my son is still too young, but i was about 4 or 5 when my parents started teaching me how to make small things, like eggs or toast

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I remember using the stove top around age 8. I use to make grilled cheese and soup all the time. I was cooking dinner for my family by age 14. I really think it depends on the maturity of the child. My son is 4 and helps me in the kitchen all the time. Hopefully by age 10 he can be trusted to cook on his own. I think its a great skill to teach our children.

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