kids father is ignoring them

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Dnt know wat to do...I broke up with the father of my 2 kids last year...n ever since then, he had never seen our son, he only sees his daughter bcos xe skuls nxt to his asking myself why he never wantd to spend time with his kids bcoz I dnt remember telling him dat he can 't c his kids...or should I b da one to take da kids to his place...wat if he does not want to c them, pls helpwe havnt talked since the break up..


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Michelle - posted on 07/25/2015




Like the other ladies have said, go to court and get visitation, custody and child support sorted out. Then he will know that days he should be seeing his children and then if he doesn't then it's his bad luck.
Also like the other ladies have said, please don't use text talk, it makes things very hard to understand.

Sarah - posted on 07/24/2015




I am having a hard time understanding your question; If he lives by your daughter, why his he not near your son? Do you have a custody order or visitation schedule? did you file for child support? Has he told you he does not wan to see his children?

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 07/24/2015




Try to speak in actual words, not text.
If you have not gotten custody, support, and visitation set in court, do so.\

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