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Does it bother you that your little boy is growing up as much as it does me?

My lil man used to be my shadow,he was lways there on my heels. He used to hate it when i would go out. I took him almost everytime i went. We was my cuddly little boy who loved my affection, and it stood that way till he turned 31months
I just dont understand three months ago i was his world,now its his grandparents or his uncle and sister that gets his attention,i hate it to the point where i get upset and think its me but when eveybody goes out and leaves the house and its just me snd him hes mine again,but soon as they get back he wants to ho to them,it annoys me but my husband dosent mind it but its a mother thing

Why does he do that.will he ever favor me


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That is very normal, and it is actually a very good thing. By always being available to cuddle and love on him, and always giving him your attention when he needed it, you taught him that you will ALWAYS be available to him. This is a security that many kids are missing, that will give him confidence and self esteem to go forward in the world.

He prefers others when they are around because his time with them is limited, and he knows that--he can only have them, have their attention when they are around, on their terms, but he knows he can have you and your attention when they leave. He's not slighting you, and he doesn't prefer them "over" you, so to speak, he just knows that he has to take advantage of his time with them, and that you will be there when they leave.

It is wonderful that your child has this confidence at such a young age. It speaks volumes of your parenting.

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