Kids on the playground are ignoring my child!

Kori - posted on 06/15/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter is 3 and she is an only child. She has never gone to preschool, and her only interaction with other children is at church, in a playgroup we belong to, or out and about at the park, library, etc. Adults always gush over her, but other kids react very oddly to her. She is sweet and outgoing and she always tries to play with other children. Occasionally other kids play well with her, but sometimes, kids will look at her like she's an alien or something, often just totally ignoring her. If it had happened once, I'd shrug it off, but I have seen it happen several times. I've been watching her during these interactions and I honestly can't pinpoint what she's doing that is turning other children off. She is just being friendly and trying to engage the kids in play. And they just stare at her like she's weird and don't play with her, sometimes physically just moving away from her, and don't say a word to her. I feel like the other children are being so rude for no reason, but if my child is doing something wrong, I'd love to help her work on it because she's about to start preschool and I don't want her to be an outcast! Mostly I just don't want anything to break her beautiful confident little spirit. What can I do? Is this sort of thing normal? I am so lost


Raye - posted on 06/16/2015




Don't take it personally. If she doesn't seem bothered by it, then let it go. It will teach her it's okay to play by herself sometimes, and it will teach her the way the world really is... that not everyone can get along. If it's only certain kids (not all) and you don't make a big deal about it, then she will think that's just the way some kids are, and it should help her be more independent and confident in herself because she won't be relying on others for her happiness.

Michelle - posted on 06/16/2015




It could be that the other children are so scared to talk to strangers (instilled by their parents) that they put ALL strangers in the same category and won't talk to anyone new (adult or child).
Why not ask the parents next time you see it happen. Maybe the parents are rude and the kids are taking after them.
My daughter is very outgoing and sometimes gets snubbed in the playgrounds as well. Some kids are rude due to their parents and you can't help that. It's a shame for the children though.


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