Kids say the sweetest things

Michelle - posted on 11/08/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




Tonight has been one of those nights. I have 3 daughters aged 9, 6 and 1 and all 3 of them tonight have woken after bedtime. First my eldest - she was coughing quite a bit so I expected her to wake. She came downstairs, had a drink of water, I gave her something for her cough, she tried her hardest to keep me chatting about lots of different things so she could stay downstairs but, after 15 minutes she was back in bed. Then it was my 6 year olds turn. She's a light sleeper so would have woken because her sister did. Her reason for coming downstairs - she can see scary shadows. After a short talk she was back in bed. Then came the turn of my 1 year old who had managed to turn herself around into a very awkward position in her cot and needed some help. I turned her around, gave her back her dummy that she had lost, tucked her in and she was back to sleep. THEN came the turn of my 6 year old AGAIN - always going to be a problem with a light sleeper. This time she only got up to tell me that she loves me - very sweet. To which I reply "i love you too now goodnight" and back to bed she goes. So I am back downstairs, finally relaxing and, guess what, the light sleeper again - I hear my 6 year old calling down the stairs. I'd kind of had enough by then so I called up "for crying out loud Kim, what now?" to which I got the response "you're the bestest mum in the world". Oh dear, I mean, what on earth can you say to that? So I reply "thank you sweetheart now please go to bed and go to sleep before I become NOT the bestest mum in the world and start shouting". She went back to bed and I've not heard a sound out of any of them since - phew!!!

Why am I posting this? No reason at all really other than I find it quite amusing so thought I would share :-)


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Sharlene - posted on 11/11/2011




That's a very sweet story I think all little girls try to get out of going or staying in bed I have 4 girls of my own.Always works they say the most sweetest thing.Cheers

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