Kids that stink as adults

Cathy - posted on 11/24/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




What is wrong with our grown up kids? Well I have a selfish son who only throws me a bone when he needs something can anyone relate Im sure. So her is how I see it we need to pull ourselves togeither and live our own lives I know how hard that is but it is true. Everytime they look at us they see us as their parent who keeps trying to help them and run their lives so here is it in a nut shell cut it out. I am probably the worst of supportive loving parent and maybe I have done more damage than good I think not but who really knows. My husband died 2 years ago and my son has told me he drank because of me and now that is why he is drinking and of course I don't want him to drink so he has to blame someone. He has a nice girl friend and he seem not to like her showing me any attention wow amazing damed if you do and damed if you don't. Well it is Thanksgiving and I am very very Thankful that I have what I have and that at least my son is working and seems healthy I do have a great deal to be thankful for. I now know I must make a new life for myself and this is no easy thing at my age 66 years old but I know I must if for nothing else so show my son the whole world does not revolve around him. He will I am sure someday look back and appreciate all that he has and all that I did for him but that will not be while I am alive. So hang in there moms and hay lets not leave out dads kid do a number on them too. I pray and pray that is what my mom did and that is all we can do so don't give up and remember you are a great person and you are loved by God.

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