Kids too old to bathe with you?

Jennifer - posted on 05/30/2009 ( 17 moms have responded )




Well, I was wondering how old is too old for you kids to bathe with you? I was at my friends house today and we were talking and she said that she still lets her 7 yr old boy and 5 yr old girl take a bath with her. Does that sound a little too old to anyone else? My son is 3 and he takes a bath with me once in a while, but I am starting to do it less and less cause of his age. Am I just being too cautious? Is my son too old already? What is the norm for everyone else?


Kelly - posted on 05/30/2009




To me it has never been a big deal. I honestly don't remember when we stopped showering with our boys, they may have been as old as 4 or 5. After they stopped showering with us, they would still shower together (they are two years apart), until they just got to an age to want their privacy. It was always just a matter of convenience and saving time and water. Our girls love to bathe with me. The 3-year old usually bathes with me most days, and the 7-year-old did for years, but has just gotten to the age where she prefers to shower, and by herself. But then I also breastfed the youngest for 15 months, and didn't make a big deal of hiding that from any of them either. Even the teenage boys were just used to it. I have just always tried to help all the kids feel natural about their bodies, and not think too much about it. However, I know some people are really uncomfortable with such things, and their own feelings are going to be picked up by their kids.

Julie - posted on 09/06/2011




I'm uncomfortable with my 6 y/o daughter being in the shower with me. I don't let her anymore, just because she stares at me and makes comments in an attempt to make me uncomfortable. She does still go in the bathroom with me and if I'm changing a shirt or pants, she still follows me. She still makes comments sometimes, so even then I kick her out of the room and lock the door. I figure if she's old enough to make comments and try to make me uncomfortable, she's old enough to go to the other room while I'm changing or showering.

Wendy - posted on 05/31/2009




I'm a big believer in allowing children to decide when they no longer want to bathe with you and to decide when they no longer want to see you naked and vice versa! I have three kids, two girls aged 7 and 4 and a son who is 22 months. My 7 year old is now starting to be a bit more aware of nudity but hasn't yet asked for privacy so we have taken "a step back" and she seems happy with that. All children are different and they will defo let you know when the time is right!

Shannon - posted on 05/31/2009




I think 1 or so should be the cut off, you don't want your son to remember bathing with you. I think once a kid can talk, they are too old to bathe with you. just my opinion.

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Ashley - posted on 09/12/2011




I've never bathed with either of my boys. I have always had my separate showers and them their separate baths. I would say 5 and 7 is too old but if their all comfortable with it that's their business. My boys are 2 and 3 and i bath them together everynight before bed. When i shower i just leave the door open and they usually go watch a show or play in their room. Every once in awhile they'll come into the bathroom to say hi and away they go. I always felt shower time was my time alone where i could have 20 minutes without the kids.

Jeanne - posted on 05/30/2009




I have never been comfortable taking a bath with my son, even when I was getting him used to the big tub I wore my bathing suit....but that is just me. If the child is the same gender, I don't see any problem bathing with the child if the parent is comfortable with it, my daughter who is four sometimes showers with me when I am trying to save time and hot water. She is also getting used to the shower as she is afraid of the noise of the water hitting the tiles (she has very acute hearing and it scares her - I was the same way at her age). As for a child of a different gender I would say past the age of three is pushing things since they can keenly observe differences between genders. My children have only bathed together once and this was because they were both covered in head to toe mud and I didn't feel like having to clean the tub twice. There is nothing wrong with siblings bathing together it's just that their bedtimes are different and I chose to bath my child to came them down before I think it all depends on the parents and what they are comfortable with.

Courtney - posted on 05/30/2009




My daughter is 21 months and my hubby doesn't let her SEE anything on him. He takes his underwear off in the shower and we have the tempered glass/frosted glass, so you can't see throught. Then when he is done, he wraps a towel around him in the shower and steps he is always covered. It, in my opinion, is all about preference. I have told him many times that she won't remember seeing anything, especially not if he's just dropping the underwear to jump into the shower, but he does it out of (what he says) respect for her. He doesn't want her to rember something one day and shout out "pee pee" or "balls". If she feels comfortable then that's up to her, but I wouldn't be doing that at their ages. They WILL clearly remember something.

Devon - posted on 05/30/2009




I don't think a 7 and 5 year old should still be bathing with there mother. exspecially the 7 year old. once they start to get to the age where they are curious about everything it's time to call bathing together quits. 3 and under even 4 is fine, but once they reach 5 and up mothers should not bath with there children.

Rebecca - posted on 05/30/2009




Quoting Eileen:

I think that you must do what is appropriate for your family.

I totally agree with Eileen, I think it is personal choice and everyone is different.


I don't think you have a right to judge someone else on what age they bathe with their children each to their own.


I would only be concerened if you suspected some form of abuse.

Melissa - posted on 05/30/2009




My son is almost 3 and he bathes with me too but thats cause I'm usually the only one with him. His dad works OTR so he isn't home much. Once he starts asking questions I will stop but I think as long as their young and don't try to touch ot stare it would be ok. Thats my opinion anyways.

Lindsay - posted on 05/30/2009




My kids don't bathe with me but they do with each other. I have a 4 yr old daughter and a 2 1/2 yr old son. I would say 7 is pushing it but truly don't think it's a big deal if it's not made into one. My kids are bathing together less and less often because my son is starting to take showers with dad and that's one less thing I have to do!

Amaris - posted on 05/30/2009




I dont think there is really any thing wrong with it as long as it isin't a 12 year old taking a bath with his mom or dad i sometimes have to take a bath with my 2 year old because i have no choice because my husband is at church in the morning i guess it all depends!! on the perents views i know some people dont think it is right!! i really like to take a bath by my self but dont have the choice sometimes ( :!! IT all just depends!!

Taylor - posted on 05/30/2009




Well, I think 3 is ok and 5 is pushing it. I think once they learn how to wash and rinse by example, its time for them to fly solo...with you in the room, to prevent accidents.

Eileen - posted on 05/30/2009




I don't think that there is any thing wrong as long as children are learning how to bath and clean their body. Bathing toghether saves water.

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