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Lucy - posted on 07/10/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 4 year old daughter complains her kinder teacher calls her names like bonker head, nosy Parker, duffer etc. she says she does not like it and then when I said I will talk to her she says I should not and asked me to leave it the way it is. I am feeling confused, what should I do? I want to talk to the educator but I am afraid it might have repercussions which my daughter would have to face.


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I would be furious if my son's teacher called him names like that! That said, I completely understand what you mean about it having negative repercussions for your child in her class.

You do have to address this with the teacher, but try to do so (the first time) in a way that lets her see that you are not "against" her. Explain that you are aware that she may just be trying to be playful, but that your daughter is feeling a little hurt by the names. Then ask her to try not to use them with your daughter.

If your daughter complains again, I would go straight to the principal for a one on one meeting to explain the issue, then request a meeting with the principal and the teacher together so that you can see exactly how the principal goes about addressing the teacher. If you are not satisfied, address the school board. Bullying should not ever be tolerated, and most school boards will be very ready to help you due to all of the negative publicity about them allowing teachers to bully of late.

Always try for a diplomatic solution first, but don't be afraid to stomp her ass out if you need to.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 07/10/2013




She is 4. You are the parent. Talk to the teacher. There should be no repercussions. A parent is exclaiming concern that a teacher is calling her child names, the repercussions should be on the teacher, not your child. I would have a sit down with the teacher and the principal and discuss your concerns. There is NO reason a teacher should be calling ANY child names.

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