kindergarten behavior

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My wonderful 5 yr old is having a hard time with behavior issues in school. He is an only child and very spoiled. Sharing and taking turns are NOT his strong suit, he has issues with always wanting to be first in line and crying and whining when he doesnt get his way. There have been reports of hitting and pushing other kids as well. There are some days where he is an awesome student and other days.....not so much! All his teachers dote on how cute and smart and lovable he is but his behavior has got to go. I struggle with disciplining him after he gets home from school, i've taken tv privileges away, toys away, we have "talks" every morning before school about "keepn our hands to ourselves" and "no whinin or cryn", i've even tried good ol' spanking...which worked for a coupla days. I just need some advice on what to do and how to not go completely INSANE over this. Thanks in advance

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