Kindergarten Child Abuse and being Biased

Denise Tan Hui - posted on 07/12/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Few years ago, I had enrolled my child in a kindergarten called Shaws Kindergarten.The school fees were not cheap, close to $1000 per month. Since that was the only kindergarten near my house, I had no choice but to pay up. I would not have minded the cost if my child had been having a good time there, but I did not expect that not only my child had been bullied my her fellow classmates, but is also facing the bias and the abuse of the kindergarten teacher. When my child had complained to me about her being bullied, I reported it to the kindergarten teacher, but even though she said that she'll see to it, she did nothing about the matter but instead scolded my child when she complained to her about the bullying. It was obviously because the classmates who were bullying my child had a rich family background (which was the reason why they entered Shaws Kindergarten) but our family was not as rich as the others. The kindergarten teacher even opened my child's bag, and took out whatever items she could find in it to keep for herself. It was then when I asked why my child had been sulking and crying all day long when I realised that her favourite butterfly clips had been "confiscated" by the teacher for no reason. and when I confronted her about it, she used " Punishment " as an excuse when my child did nothing wrong to deserve that. There was even once, when the teacher really went too far. My child just couldn't seem to fall asleep during the afternoon nap, but the teacher vented her frustration on her by dragging her to a big room, and throwing her to the other side of the room. My child fell and hit the floor with a great force, resulting her ADULT teeth to knock on the floor and crack/break. Then the teacher locked her up and forbid my child from coming out of the room for the whole day. Maybe its because the teacher didn't want to waste her time and effort to take care of a child who has a lesser family income than others, but she didn't have to treat my child this way. I still remember one of the kindergarten teachers' names : Zhu Lao Shi. Both female teachers were from China, and Zhu Lao Shi entered the kindergarten in about at year 2006 - 2007, whilst the other teacher had been teaching my child since she was 3 years old, (year 2004 - 2005 ), and left the kindergarten after that.


~♥Little Miss - posted on 07/12/2013




I seriously hope you did not ignore this and reported this to the police. I would have had the news all over this, and made sure attention was brought to this. I hope your daughter is ok now.

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