Kindergarten for 2016

Malika - posted on 03/18/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter does not turn 5 till 08/03/2016 and KCMO school district will not let her start til she is 6 but I do not want her to start kindergarten late because of her birthday I need to know what schools in KCMO will take her up to september and I prefer Charter schools. I see that Hogan Elementary does but they get out early on Fridays and that is a problem because her dad and I will still be at work!


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The cutoff is there for a REASON. Children that miss the cutoff are, in most circumstances, not ready for that step. It is always better to not push a child into doing things too soon, and learning is included in that.

My eldest missed the cutoff in Colorado, but would have made the cutoff in Wyoming. Based on that, Colorado allowed his enrollment exception. My youngest missed the cutoff in Wyoming, by two weeks. There was NO allowable exception. I held him out, and enrolled him in another year of preschool. good thing I did, too, because he was NOT ready for school.

Don't push it. Put her into preschool for another year, and let her excel when she does get to 'regular' school.


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Sarah - posted on 03/18/2016




What is the cutoff and why do you want her to start early. My son missed the cutoff for school by 4 days so he was always the oldest in the class. Now that he is in college i am so thankful that it played out that way. He would have been ready for kindergarten, but that extra year gave him an edge later on in school both socially and academically.

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