Kindergarten Secience Project.

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Hello! i am new to this community. Let me tell u about my self first i have two beautiful kids (boys) 6 and 2.
My 6 (October born) years is in kindergarten and they have secience fair next month, do any body know or did any science project with their kindergarten? Need Ideas.



Chet - posted on 01/14/2014




Comparing the strength of wet and dry paper towel. Cover a container with a piece of dry paper towel and secure it with an elastic band. Do the same thing with a piece of dry paper towel. One by one, stack and count the number of pennies you can pile on before the paper towel breaks.

A demonstration of making a raw egg float in water by adding salt.

sprouting beans with wet paper towel stuffed into a glass, or sprouting carrot tops in a shallow dish of water.

Put some baking soda in a balloon and make it inflate by adding vinegar.

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Using static electricity to move an empty coke can. It will also move a stream of water from a tap when you put it near it. Just rub the balloon on the hair, and you have it!!

Cornflour and water - add enough cornflour (off the top of my head I can't recall, but if you try it out at home, you figure it out) to the water that, while it is a liquid, if you punch it or impact in hard, it becomes solid. This is called a non-Newtonian fluid, and while I did this in science with my students, my daughter and I had a great time with it.

Oil and water in a beaker, add food colouring and watch what happens.

I am not sure how long this science fair runs for, but try food dye in water with white flowers. That's lots of fun and shows how flowers distribute water. My 8 year old demonstrated this one to her class this year on her own. I even did it with my Year 7 class and they were still fascinated!!


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Shalini - posted on 01/14/2014




Thanks everyone for quick response and i will post about science fair after feb.

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