Kindergarten Teacher in Charter School

Jeannie - posted on 09/21/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Last year I attended a conference for potential acceptance to the charter school in our area. Everyone raved about how great it was and how they wished their children could attend there. The waiting list currently has 1,200 children on it. I was thrilled when I learned that my daughter got picked from the lottery. It was her first year in school which, is a new and exciting time in her life. She had been to preschool but they did very little to help her with learning. Unfortunately, the school had already started a week earlier so my daughter was a little left out. As the first week progressed I got a call from the school claiming my daughter had a "melt down". I, being a diligent mother, went and talked to the principal and apologized for he behavior and asked for them to give her time to adjust. Two days later another call from the principal and again I went and talked to her. I digress a little to let you all know that I have experience with children and schools. I have three children. I have been to many meetings and been involved in every aspect of their schooling. None of my children ever had this many calls from a principal. She is 4...So back to my main reason for posting... I work with her every day. I am aware she is behind. So, again I get another call from the principal last week. Wow, I think...She is this BAD? She is the sweetest little girl and is so friendly. So now to the crux of my tears and anger. I accepted all these things they "claimed" were wrong. They say she is behind in speech, behind in writing, does not follow directions, and is anti-social. What? ...Wait? Anti-Social? She has always been very friendly and played with other children. I questioned the teacher as she showed me all her 1s.... which means "area of concern". I wanted to know every detail so that I could figure out what to do for her. As this parent teacher conference progressed today, this teacher immediately starts saying my husband and I are looking offended, that we are being adversarial, and that she was discontinuing the conference. We never said anything that was in the least bit negative toward her. We simply stated that we had not seen her behave this way anywhere else, that we knew she needed help, and what should the next step be. Now my husband is angry at me thinking I must have said something in the conversations with the principal that made her go on defense immediately. So, now I don't know what to do. I know how to deal with the school district but this is a charter school. there doesn't seem to be much recourse to deal with this issue. Perhaps she doesn't like us, or she feels guilty, or maybe she doesn't know how to deal with assertive parents that just want to solve problems. That is the way we both are. Let's do something to help her. I cannot simply just nod and not do anything. That would be to the determent of my child's well-being. What now...Why do I feel so alone in this. I never felt that way before. I always had a good relationship with the schools and teachers -even if we did not always agree.


Katherine - posted on 09/21/2012




My daughter is in a charter school also. It's very different from a public school IMO. I would ask for another conference to clear things up. I would also ask that the principal be present. There is no reason you should feel this way and I'm sure it's a crappy feeling. For her to say that is almost odd. If you weren't saying anything to make her say that......

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